{needs editting}: The annual Malaysia Forum conference is a weekend event that will bring together Malaysians from all over the world to discuss issues pertaining to our beloved tanahair. This year, MF 2014 will be held globally and simultaneously at:
New York, USA: New York University, 19 – 20 April

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Dignity International, Petaling Jaya, 20 April

Singapore: National University of Singapore, 5 April


The theme for Malaysia Forum NY and KL 2014 is ‘Sekarang’, which means ‘now’ in Bahasa Malaysia. The theme was chosen in part to reflect on the post-GE 13 sentiments of the nation.

The theme for Malaysia Forum Singapore 2014 is ‘Bersama-sama/Together-gether’ which seeks to examine the reconciliation of tensions in Malaysia.{EDIT ENDS}

Malaysia Forum team believes it is a timely juncture to ask questions pertaining how we as citizens can contribute to the development of our country today, instead of waiting for the next general elections to discuss and exercise our political freedom. It also the time to examine the tensions that exist within our society and ask how and why these tensions exist, as well as reflect upon what best serves the interest of an entire nation that is easily fragmented. We have constructed our panels across three MF audiences to approach pertinent Malaysian topics of today, and what exactly it means to be a citizen of Malaysia. Among the topics discussed are technology, entrepreneurship, democracy, education, film, ethnoreligious relations and brain drain.


{Needs editing}Information on our panels, speakers and schedules can be found here. To register for MF, please go here. To make the $20 registration payment for MF NY, please go here (There is no registration fee for MF KL and MF SG). For more information, please contact msiaforum2014 [at] googlegroups [dot] com. Our Global MF Facebook page is here and the MF Singapore FB page can be found here.{EDIT ENDS}


{Can keep this}What is Malaysia Forum?

Malaysia Forum is a network of Malaysian students and professionals based in the Northeast United States. It is an offshoot of the Stanford Malaysia Forum, started in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2002 with the aim of promoting discussion about Malaysian affairs through media and public dialogue. MF continues with the same goal, engaging Malaysians and interested parties in discussion about and participation in Malaysian development in every scope and field. MF, like its predecessor, the Stanford Malaysia Forum, is a non-partisan and non-profit entity. Please see our main page for MF’s philosophy.