So in a nutshell, what is MF?

Malaysia Forum promotes engaging discussions on everything and anything to do with our beloved tanah tumpahnya darahku. MF isn’t so much an event as it is a way of life, as cheesy as that may sound. Beyond the United States, there are also Malaysia Forum communities in London, Australia, KL, and Singapore. Malaysia Forum’s vision is for all Malaysians to adopt this spirit of civil Malaysian discussion. Think of MF as a global network of local discussions among Malaysians. In fact, during the MF NYC conference, the local MFs in London, Australia, Singapore, and KL will be part of the global discussion too! Also, you can join MF’s Facebook page to know what’s happening around the world.

I’ve attended so many other Malaysian conferences and forums, what’s so special about MF anyway? Why should I even bother going?

MF is different in so many ways. We are a community of concerned Malaysians, and we’re not an event-oriented organization. We believe that honest, civil-minded conversation in the foundation of change for Malaysia. We believe that all participants have just as much to say as those up on the stage. Every individual is important, and this is an ongoing commitment in all MF communities.

I’ve never been to an MF event before, so what should I expect?

Expect lots of Malaysian love! Malaysians, Manglish, Malaysian food, and a network of overly enthusiastic people who want to see changes back home and in themselves. Expect discussions on current events, and discussions on what being Malaysian is all about.

I don’t like discussions, and I just want to listen and eat Malaysian food. Will I feel left out?

There is always something for everyone in MF. Don’t worry if you’re not a talkative person, we won’t go around forcing everyone to contribute their ideas. Enjoy listening to prominent and inspiring speakers from Malaysia or just enjoy the company of Malaysian friends. You never know how many new friends you’ll meet!

Just who are these “prominent speakers” anyway?

MF invites speakers not because they’re prominent, but because they have something important to share with us. Yes, seriously! Check out previous MF conferences to see who we have previously invited to speak at MF and just what these folks have to contribute. After all, the last thing we want is a boring event where we listen to stodgy Tan Sris just for the sake of listening!

Okay, what’s the catch? How can it possibly be so AMAZING??

There’s no catch. We truly madly deeply want to reach out to all Malaysians, whether you’re studying or working in the US, to gather and participate in this event. However, because we operate on a non-profit basis, there will be a small registration fee of US$15 to cover breakfast, the awesome Malaysian dinner, and rental charges. Trust us, that’s a very good deal for what it’s worth!

So, it will be in New York University (NYU) this year. Great!! But where do I stay? How do I get around?

We will be happy to help you with lodging. You can start by looking at our list of other affordable options. Let us know if you have problems with lodging and we will find a way around it for you. Malaysian love yo! We’ll help you and your friends look for the cheapest available lodging. All participants will be given clear directions on how to get to NYU and with the amazing public transportation in NYC, there shouldn’t be a problem getting around. We’ll make sure everyone is comfortable and safe. Plus, if you have friends in NY/NJ, you could stay with them for free too, or come with some friends and stay together in a hostel so you can enjoy the city together and attend the Forum.

I’m not sure if I should go because I don’t have friends who want to go with me and I might feel lonely. Please advise.

First of all, we are offended because we are all your friends! But no, seriously, that should be the least of your worries. MF is possibly the best time to socialize with the other Malaysians studying/living in the States. You come alone but you leave with 100 or more new friends!

I’m still not sure.. It’s too expensive to travel all the way to NYC and I have to pay for my own lodging too. Not too mention how much work I have to do aiya you know lah American universities a lot of work one. Will this forum really be that beneficial for me?

How many times have you sat in a mamak with your friends complaining about your dissatisfactions and frustrations with our country? Well, it’s time to bring those serious mamak talks to the next level. In MF, we don’t just complain about these issues but we find ways to make our complaints heard and fix them. Also, if you want, you can start your own MF wherever you are! If cost is an issue, form your own group and watch the entire event live, and you also will get to take part! E-mail us at msiaforum2014[at] and we’ll tell you how!

GREAT! Where do I register?


I’m not a student/young professional/Malaysian, can I participate?

If you’re interested in MF, of course! We are not country-ist, nor are we ageist (or student-ist, or whatever ist there is).

IMPORTANT: I’m in Malaysia/Australia/UK/west coast of the States and I can’t attend the Forum! How else can I participate?

Well, you’re in luck! Thanks to our bunch of dedicated Malaysians around the world, our conference is now a global event! We will be streaming most of the sessions in NYU and KL LIVE on the web. Email us (contact info below) for more information, or simply check back on our website the day of.

I still have so many questions! HELP ME!

We have a Facebook event page that will be updated each time something new comes up. Conference packets for the MIT, LA, Singapore and KL conferences will be up soon.

You can send an e-mail (or many e-mails) to msiaforum2014[at] and ask us anything! Don’t be shy!