Malaysia Forum 2013: Berpandangan Jauh

MF 2013: Berpandangan Jauh means in Bahasa Malaysia ‘to take a long-term view’. Berpandangan Jauh is a phrase adapted from the lyrics of Akbar Nawab’s song Wawasan 2020. The theme was chosen at a timely juncture before GE-13 to ask questions surrounding the long-term development of our country. MF 2013 was held at 4 different locations: MIT, LA, KL, and SG. Click here for more info on 2013 speakers and schedules.

Malaysia Forum 2012: Maka Kami

MF 2012: Maka Kami borrows its theme from the first half of Malaysia’s Rukunegara, or National Principles, formulated in 1970 to serve as pillars and a guiding ideology for the country’s nation-building efforts. The second half of the Rukunegara is often cited, announced and referred to (perhimpunan time, anyone?), but in 2012, Malaysia Forum took particular interest in the lesser-remembered — but no less interesting — first half of the Rukunegara. Click here for more info on 2012 speakers and schedules.

Malaysia Forum 2011: Cita-cita

The aim of MF 2011: Cita-cita was to discuss the various ambitions and goals that we, as very diverse individuals, have for Malaysia and Malaysian society, and how these ambitions have evolved to shape Malaysia as we know it over time and myriad contexts. MF 2011 was held at Boston University in USA, University College Sedaya International in Kuala Lumpur, and Hackerspace in Singapore. Click here for more info on 2011 speakers and schedules.

Malaysia Forum 2010: Harapan

MF 2010: Harapan was about hopes, dreams and the future of Malaysia. We discussed the state of the Malaysian economy, racial and religious harmony, brain drain, active citizenship and the arts, literature and education. MF 2010 was held at Columbia University in New York and Rumah SABM in Kuala Lumpur. Click here for more info on our speakers and schedules.

Malaysia Forum 2009: Revision 2020

Our theme for 2009 is ReVision 2020: Malaysia 2.0. As the new generation of Malaysians, our goal for NMF 2009 is to agree on a new, common Vision. In order to change our politics or institutions, we must first learn to change our mindsets – to create a Malaysia 2.0 from the inside out. MF 2011 was held at Yale University in New Haven and 1 Utama in Petaling Jaya. Click here for more info on our speakers and schedules.

Malaysia Forum 2008: Changing Freedoms

In a country where multiculturalism has become a bane rather than a boon and religion has started to tear apart instead of build up, we need a new common understanding, a new reason to build a Malaysia that has not yet been fully realized. What should our role be, as global citizens and Malaysians, towards this goal? How do we, outside of its geographical constraints, contribute to the development of Malaysian civil society? Who should our role models be, and why? What has changed, and what do we want to change? MF 2008 was held at Harvard University in Massachusetts and Malaysiakini in Kuala Lumpur. Click here for more info on our speakers and schedules.