What goes into running a Malaysia Forum conference?

A lot. In addition to countless unpaid volunteer hours, we have to pay for the following:

  • Rental for conference venues
  • Conference equipment
  • Food for conferences (Malaysian food is awesome, but expensive in the States)
  • Communications materials (print and web)
  • Administrative costs (bank accounts, transaction fees, etc.)

How does this all work? Here’s where we get money:

  • Registration fees.
  • Individual donors. Comprising mostly MF community members, professionals and students alike.

In fact, for our past conferences, individual donor contributions enabled us to gather more than a hundred students each year for an insightful weekend of dialogue and connection.

We invite you to partner in our vision by helping to defray the costs of the 2014 and future conferences. Contributions have to be typed in manually ($20 per participant) but it will only take a second to do so. Every $20 contribution helps us sponsor outstanding costs for one participant ($40 helps two participants… and so on, you do the math!).

Payment Methods

1) Help us save us transaction fees so we can provide more yummy Malaysian food by using the Venmo app. Download the app here. Search for “MalaysiaForum NY”. Pay $20 with debit/credit/bank transfer and you’re all set!

2) Alternatively, for those without a smartphone you can pay through the Paypal checkout button below.

Thank you for your generous support!