There are Malaysia Forum communities all over the world, from Sydney to the northeastern US, and now there is one in Paris! The main Malaysia Forum website is here. For further information, please e-mail info[at]malaysiaforum[dot]org.


The Malaysia Forum is a non-partisan non-profit educational forum that seeks to promote discussion of affairs affecting civil society in Malaysia through various media and public dialogue. The Forum also hopes to raise awareness of civil society issues by providing a neutral platform for the exchange of ideas and resources for further action.


The Malaysia Forum has at its heart a concern for the future of Malaysia and a deep desire that Malaysia should grow in economic prosperity, in the strength of her institutions and the richness of her culture. Believing that these desires will come to fruition only insofar as a robust civil society exists in Malaysia, the Forum aims to cultivate a culture of healthy public debate around issues of Malaysian society, culture, politics and economy and thereby to encourage active engagement of these issues. Believing also that the issues facing Malaysia today are universal phenomena that can be better understood in a global context, the Forum seeks to draw on and contribute to the experiences and expertise of a larger community, including Malaysians abroad and other interested parties.

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